12 Years

HR Managment and Coaching


Our HR experts with 12 years’ experience can provide you with professional and best solutions for any HR Issue. We provide tailor-made HR solutions according to your organizational culture and business starting from payroll to motivation and retention of employees, recruitment, and performance management. We can also offer coaching sessions to management or any employee or team in need. HR is complex but we will show you it can also be a source of enjoyment and increased productivity.

HR Department and HR strategy

Evaluation of HR Department and HR strategy

We provide a detailed evaluation of your existing HR Department including job positions, functions, operational procedures, existing documentation and compliance, and create the best HR strategy for you so you can increase your effectiveness and productivity. If you do not have an HR Department we provide you with suitable solutions according to
your business.

Salary and Reward

Salary and Reward system

If you are not sure if your salary and reward system is good or you have not developed one. We conduct an analysis of your standing and compare it with your competitors and labor market thus suggesting the best solutions and alternatives to your business according to your possibilities, so you keep your best employees and continue with business success as one of the top employers.

Motivation and satisfaction

Measuring of motivation and satisfaction of employees

We live in an era where different generations of employees meet and have different expectations so we are often unaware of the level of motivation and satisfaction of employees. We use international HR analytics tools by which we provide in-depth analysis of employees motivation and satisfaction and provide you with immediate suggestions and strategy for improvement and dealing with critical positions .

Onboarding and Employee

Onboarding and Employee Engagement

Why engagement? Because engaged employees are those who wholeheartedly try and put maximum effort to help the company succeed. Engagement starts from day one i.e from onboarding so what we offer is a complete strategy for employee engagement  from onboarding to the creation of  a culture where employees give their all and increase and improve their productivity and thus your business.

Management and Competence

Talent Management and Competence System

Talent Management is one of the most current HR areas. Why is that so? Because If we can’t retain our star employees, we will most likely not achieve our aspirations. And how can we be sure? Only if we have highly objective metrics that will be professional and transparent. Choosing this service we develop a competence system that is further used for workforce analytics and talent management programs. This is a one-time solution but you can also make a deal for life long support.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance appraisal is essential for the improvement of the overall performance of your business organization to identify the existing capabilities in the organization, what you lack and how we can bridge the existing to intended capabilities and skill set. It is the continuous process of improving by defining individual and team goals in line with the strategy of the organization. It comprises reviewing and assessing progress and developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the employees.

365 Feedback

365 Feedback

The 360 review differs from an employee performance appraisal which traditionally provides the employee with the opinion of his or her performance as viewed by their manager.  365 Feedback tends to focus on the progress the employee achieved on job goals, including managers and collaborators. It is a tool by which you can find and define gaps and blockages in employee-manager relations as well as departmental relations. Addressing the gaps and blockages will increase the overall efficacy of the company.



Coaching is a process that improves performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’, detecting blockages, gaps, and false ideas. Coaching increases the awareness of oneself, ideas and actions, enhances and facilitates learning and development, it increases satisfaction and productivity. We provide individual and team coaching sessions that have brought satisfaction to our clients so far without failure.